Writing Theatre Pieces for Young Audiences

 Sample Studios Sat/Sun April 5th/6th

Traditionally, both young and family audiences are looked upon as the reliable earners in the theatre sector. This fact often leads to work being made for these audiences without too much attention being paid to the virtues of either relevant aesthetics or standards.

Jack’s first job as an actor was in a play for children which toured schools. Since then he has developed a considerable experience in making and presenting theatre for young audiences. His first finished script as a playwright was a musical based on the PInocchio story (music by John Brown) which premiered at the Everyman Palace Theatre Cork in 1994. His play “The Man in the Moon” (with Enda Walshe, based on a story of Jack’s) premiered at the Deptford Studios in London in 2009. He wrote Aesop’s Fabulous Foibles and Fables” with George Hanover (After Aesop). This was premiered as part of The Cork Midsummer Festival in 2008 and has toured extensively since then.

Jack also worked as a puppeteer in the late eighties and early nineties, performing in hte region of a thousand shows. He also has a considerable experience of teaching writing skills to groups of all ages.

This workshop may be of interest to any one who wants to make theatre for, or with young audiences.

Sample Studios Sat/Sun April 5th/6th.
The price for this workshop is €130.00. It is a two day workshop, 10am. – 5pm. each day.

Contact Jack. 086.0662705/jackohealy@gmail.com




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