Weekend Acting Intensive

Sample Studios. Sat/Sun 26th/27th April

Jack has worked as an actor and director over a thirty year period. As part of his company, Theatre Makers, he ran The Working Actor’s Workshop, which gave rise to a number of new plays. He has an approach to acting which challenges conventional paradigms of success for the actor. These tend to centre around the whole business of auditioning and getting cast. Instead Jack sees the actor’s art as a creative domain in its own right and the actor an autonomous artist within it. He has found this a useful philosophy to facilitate progress to creative achievement as an actor without the need for being enlisted onto projects by others. It also gives the actor a stronger position and an increased sense of creative abundance in the context of the kind of collaboration that is the norm in the conventional theatre.

On the grounds that the actor is the only artist without whom you can not have a piece of theatre, it pursues the idea of an empowered theatre where the actor’s art is the primary art, at least on an equal footing with all other contributors to the collaboration.

Sample Studios. Sat/Sun 26th/27th April
This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced alike. It is a two day workshop, 10am-5pm. each day. Cost; €130.00

All Enquiries; 086 0662705/ jackohealy@gmail.com

Theatre art to the highest standard.