Voice workshop

Sample Studios. Sat/ March 22nd

It is probably accurate to say that we all have a voice, in that, at the very least we are all conscious to a sense of personal sound. Most of us vocalise daily but only in the context of standard communication. But if you consider the extent to which we have come to live in an ambiance of song (and other public voice applications), mainly delivered through the prevalence of radio, then you might wonder how voice contributes as a phenomenon in general service to the unfolding of the human condition.

Voice has always been at the heart of both the cultural and spiritual milieux and has also been used as a tool which has both the capacity to heal and bring personal transformation in many cultures.

Of all the aspects of the experience we have of ourselves, the voice is the most malleable, easily shaped and transformed. It is also the aspect which embodies any sense of ease and confidence we might have in relating to the world at large. We can wholeheartedly enter into it by way of making a virtue of the fact that, if we are alive, we can not avoid being tangible to others. It is no wonder that it has become a metaphor for some kind of state of personal realisation (finding your voice!!)

Jack has been developing this workshop over a number of years in tandem with his creative work as an actor and performer but also in the context of a personal spiritual/healing journey.

Jacks approach involves getting participants to enjoy the voice for the beautiful cosmic essence that it is (like sunlight, or water) and to learn to play in it for general benefit and personal realisation.

The workshop is suitable for anyone to whom voice is important or an issue in any way.

Sample Studios. Sat/ March 22nd
The price is €70.00.
It is a day long workshop, 10am-5pm.

Contact Jack at 086.0662705


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