Three Theatre Workshops by Jack Healy, March/April 2014.

Voice workshop. (Sample Studios. Sat/ March 22nd.)

It is probably accurate to say that we all have a voice, in that, at the very least we are all conscious to a sense of personal sound. Most of us vocalise daily but only in the context of standard communication. But if you consider the extent to which we have come to live in an ambiance of song (and other public voice applications), mainly delivered through the prevalence of radio, then you might wonder how voice contributes as a phenomenon in general service to the unfolding of the human condition…

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Writing Theatre Pieces for Young Audiences. (Sample Studios Sat/Sun April 5th/6th.)

Traditionally, both young and family audiences are looked upon as the reliable earners in the theatre sector. This fact often leads to work being made for these audiences without too much attention being paid to the virtues of either relevant aesthetics or standards….

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Weekend Acting Intensive (Sample Studios. Sat/Sun 26th/27th April)

Jack has worked as an actor and director over a thirty year period. As part of his company, Theatre Makers, he ran The Working Actor’s Workshop, which gave rise to a number of new plays. He has an approach to acting which challenges conventional paradigms of success for the actor…

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