Home Alone Quiz

‘Home Alone’ Quiz.

Pertaining to first Home Alone Film only.

Q. What is the name of the little boy who is the main character in the film?
A. Kevin.

Q.What time of the year does the film take place.
A. Christmas Time.

Q. All Kevin’s family, (aunts uncles cousins etc) are gathered in his house a few days before Christmas, Why.
A. They are getting ready to travel to Paris where they will spend Christmas Day.

Q. Kevin is reprimanded by his mother. Why?
A. He has a fight with his brother at the dinner table and spills some drink.

Q. What is his punishment?
A. He is sent to sleep on his own in the attic.

Q. What are his last words before going into the attic.
A. “I don’t ever want to see any of you again” To his family.

Q. Why are the family late for the flight?
A. There is a power cut during the night and the alarm clock doesn’t work.

Kevin wakes the next morning to discover that his family have mysteriously disappeared.

Q. Now that he is the man of the house, Kevin does certain things that adults normally do. List a few of these things?
A. He goes shopping. He does the washing. He shaves. He puts up the Christmas decorations. He goes to church.

Q. What does Kevin fear in the basement?
A. The boiler.

Q. What food does he order?
A. Pizza.

Q. What trick does he play on the pizza delivery guy?
A. He plays the soundtrack of a video, which makes the pizza delivery guy think there is a gangster in the house.

Q. With his family gone, Kevin makes a new friend. Who is it?
A. The old man from next door.

Q. Where does Kevin talk to the old man fro the first time.
A. In the church.

Q. Why is the old man in the church?
A. To hear his grand daughter singing.

Q. Why is that such a big deal for the old man.
A. Because he has never met his grand daughter. He had a fight with his son before she was born and they have never made up. He has not spoken to his son since.

Q. What advice does Kevin give the old man?
A. To give his son a call, that he has nothing to loose.

Q. What kind of funny pet does his brother have?
A. A spider.

Q. List three traps that Kevin sets for the burglars.
A. He pours water on the pavement outside-it turns to black ice and the burglars slip on it. He puts marbles on the stairs. He heats the handle of the door until it is red hot.

Q. When Kevin is caught by the two thieves, who rescues him?
A. The old man.

Q. In what way does Kevin change as a consequence of his adventures?
A. At the start he is a bit at odds with his family. At the end he is at one with them.

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